Why choose Synergie Interim?

Whether you are looking for an interim job or a job with prospects of a permanent contract: we will help you find a job that really suits you. Your CV is only the starting point, we look further.


We will find the job for you

Welcome at Synergie Interim! We are a division of Synergie Belgium, active in all domains in Belgium, with a wide range of jobs for workers. But not in construction. For that you have to be with the colleagues of Synergie Construct. And are you an employee? Then Synergie Careers is the place to be.

Our 300 consultants, spread over more than 60 local offices in Flanders and Wallonia and in-house offices at large companies, are always ready to help you. They look for the right match for you: a job in one of the many small or large companies in your area. A temporary job or perhaps even one with prospects of a permanent contract.

We excel at what we do because we just love doing it!



Interim, something for you?

Do you like variety? Would you like to gain experience in different sectors? Or is this your first job and do you see an interim job as a stepping stone to a permanent contract? Interim work is different for everyone.

Stop by and see us and find out why interim could be for you too!

Our approach: personal and efficient

The interview will be conducted as you prefer: face-to-face at the office, over the phone or by video call. We listen to your story and actively search for the job that fits you. In doing so, we look beyond your resume. If you've convinced us, we'll quickly introduce you. Is it a match? Then you can start immediately. Maybe even the next day!

Recruited? Great! But it doesn't stop there. We support you during your start-up, provide you with all the necessary information, procedures, manuals, certificates, medical and practical tests and tools. Up to arranging your working clothes and your remuneration. In addition, we are happy to visit you at work to see how you are doing. In a number of large companies, we even have job coaches to guide you during your first days.

Customized job matches thanks to my Synergie

Actively or latently looking for a new job? Sign up for My Synergie and receive job matches tailored to you, according to your skills, experience, in your region, ... This way you can apply quickly and accurately. Easy right?

Looking for a student job?

Looking for a student job to earn quick money? Or for a first work experience in an interesting company? Or would you rather have a job that fits in with your studies and looks good on your CV? Synergie searches and grows with you.

Coming soon or just graduated?

Got your bachelor's or master's degree (almost)? Time for a new chapter: the search for your first job. We are happy to help you on your way! This is how we give your career a kickstart.

A challenge at Synergie yourself?

It's possible! Whether you work as an employment consultant, in-house consultant, office manager or in one of our departments at the head office, with us you can be yourself every day.

Explore the opportunities at werkenbijsynergie.be and become happy@synergie!