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Signing your contracts electronically with Interimsign

Esigning contracten

Did you know that signing your contracts will be a lot easier in the future? From October first, you will be able to sign your contracts at home.

Below, you will find all the steps to set up you Adminbox or you can download our manual in pdf. 

Step 1: Activation email

From October 1st, you will receive an email with the message that a contract is ready for you to sign. 

If you already have an account, click on “Log Aan” and continue to step 3.

Below, you can find an example of an activation email.

activatiemail esigning

Step 2: Create an adminbox account

To create an account, you will need a login and a password. Your login is your email address.


Step 3: Adminbox Tasks

Once in the Adminbox, you will see an orange banner on top with “Documenten” and “Taken”.

Click on “Taken” to see all your unsigned contracts. Click on “Onderteken” next to the contract to sign the contract.


Adminbox- taken

Step 4: Signing

Here you can sign your contracts:

  1. Either with your eID (you will need the pin code from your eID for this)
  2. Or with a personal password (mandate)

Signing with eID is very easy: place your identity card in the card reader, enter the pin code of your identity card and the agreement will be signed. 

Signing with a password is even more practical. To obtain your own password, you will have to
create a mandate once. Follow steps 5 to 10 for this.

Adminbox- Ondertekenen met paswoord

Step 5: Signing with a password = create a mandate first

The first time you will click on the button “teken met paswoord” to sign with your password (see step 4), you will see the screen below. Click on “Maak uw mandaat aan” to create your mandate.

Adminbox - mandaat aanmaken

Step 6: Create a mandate with eID or with a pin code

You will have to choose between creating the mandate with your eiD or with a pin code.

Option 1:

  • eID: you will choose the first option “Ik teken met eID card”, identity card in the card reader, enter pin code and the mandate has been created.

Option 2:

  • Pin code: you can also choose to create the mandate using a pin code. You will receive this code via email or text message.

In this example, we will ask for the code via e mail.

Choose “Ik onderteken met een code die ik via email ontvang op...” to receive the code via email and click on “Volgende” to go to the next step.

Adminbox - tekenen met pincode

Step 7: Pin code for mandate

By choosing “Ik teken met de code die ik in mijn mailbox vind”, you will automatically receive an email with a pin code which you can use to sign your mandate.


Below, you can find an example of this email.

Mail met pincode mandaat

Step 8: Enter the pin code to create the mandate

You selected the option to create a mandate using a pin code. You received this code in a separate email. Enter the code and click on “OK”.

Adminbox - pincode ingeven

Step 9: Now choose your personal password

You will be asked how you want to be informed of every new contract. Choose via email or text message (SMS). Then, choose a password that you will use to sign your contracts from now on. Finally, click on “Volgende”. This password is valid for 1 year in the entire temp employment sector and for any temp employment agency.

Adminbox - wachtwoord kiezen

Step 10: confirmation of the mandate

You will receive a document with all the details about the mandate, which you can sign below by clicking on “Onderteken”.

Now you are ready to sign all your future contracts with your password and you will not have to follow step 2 until 10 anymore!

Adminbox- mandaat

Step 11: Displaying and signing the contract

You will return to the screen you saw on step 3. Here, you can always choose again to sign your contract with your eID or with the password you have just created.

We recommend signing the contract with your password.

For this you click on the button “Teken met paswoord”

Adminbox- Ondertekenen met paswoord

Step 12 : Signing with password

You just need to fill in your personal password. After that click on “Teken met eigen paswoord” to sign.

Adminbox- paswoord invullen

Step 13: Signed contracts in the archive

Your contract has been successfully signed and will be handed over to your employment agency.


Step 14 : Consult signed contracts

You can look up your contracts at any given moment in your Adminbox in the tab “Documenten”.

All contracts of all employment agencies will be stored in the same Adminbox.

Adminbox - raadplegen