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Any use of the website is subject to the General Terms and Conditions described below. The mere use of the website implies that the user (be it the visitor, customer or advertiser) fully and irrevocably accepts the conditions herein relating to the use of the site and the services offered. Synergie Belgium nv reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time. The amended conditions shall always be published on this website and shall automatically enter into force after their publication.


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This website is owned and managed by Synergie Belgium nv (Antwerp register of legal entities - BE 0458.551.563 - employment agency authorisations VG.607/BUO, 00072-405-20121019, 00072-406-20121019, W.RS.197, W.SO.197, 02192). Synergie Services nv (Antwerp register of legal entities - BE 0829.640.505 - employment agency authorisations 05075, VG1872/BC) has entrusted its communication via this website to Synergie Belgium nv.

GENERAL CONTENT shall not be liable in respect of any information disseminated via banners, buttons, skyscrapers, html pages, flash, photographs or other media supplied by third parties. Within the limits of the law, declines any liability for or obligation to guarantee the accuracy, completeness, utility, reliability and up-to-date nature of the information on the site and the consequences of any action/decision taken based on the information provided.


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1. not use the information unlawfully;

2. not use the website in any way that damages, modifies, interrupts or stops or otherwise reduces the efficiency of the website;

3. not use the website for the transmission or posting of computer viruses, or for the transmission or posting of materials of a defamatory, obscene or threatening nature;

4. not use the website in any way that constitutes an infringement of a natural or legal person's or an association's rights, including, without limitation, infringements of privacy rights, intellectual property rights, applicants' rights and the Decree of 08/05/2002 on proportional participation in the labour market;

5. not use the website for the posting and transmission of materials with promotional or publicity purposes without seeking prior permission from Synergie Belgium nv, unless the recipient has requested such materials.


Synergie attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy. What happens to your personal data? We want to inform you about this process in a transparent manner and give you control over it. You can find all details in our privacy policy.


information on the website

The information, software, products and services (hereinafter referred to as the ‘information’) offered on or via this website may contain all kinds of imperfections. Synergie Belgium nv does not guarantee the adequacy, reliability, timeliness or accuracy of this information. The information is provided and displayed without any kind of guarantee. Synergie Belgium nv cannot be held liable either for possible viruses appearing on the site despite the precautions taken. Synergie Belgium nv expressly reserves the right to modify the information on the site at any time. Synergie Belgium nv cannot be held liable for any kind of damage whatsoever resulting from an error and/or negligence on the part of employees and/or subcontractors of Synergie Belgium nv or data fraud after unauthorised entry to the website.


This website may contain hyperlinks to websites or web pages of third parties, or otherwise refer to such websites or web pages. Synergie Belgium nv has no say over the content or other characteristics of such websites or web pages and can in no case be held liable for their contents or characteristics. In no way shall the placing of links by Synergie Belgium nv on be deemed an implicit approval of the content of these websites or web pages.

applicable law

Belgian law shall apply. If any of the above provisions or part thereof is held to be invalid, null or unenforceable, this shall not render the remaining provisions invalid and/or unenforceable. The parties accept the legal force of any electronic communication between them as written proof. Belgian law shall apply to any dispute arising from the use of the Synergie sites and the services offered, and the courts of Antwerp shall have exclusive jurisdiction, to the exclusion of any other court.