Logistics Administrative Assistant

  • location:9042 Desteldonk
  • job category:Logistics
  • Contracttype:interim job with option for permanent employment
  • labor regime:Full time
  • working experience:1-2 years
  • updated:
    19/09/2023 01:13

Job description?

You will join an innovative, growing and international company. There is a no-nonsense corporate culture. Colleagues who know how to tackle things can grow quickly.

As an inbound logistics clerk, you are an essential link in the logistics process. Your range of tasks is varied:

  • Processing and sorting incoming goods documents
  • Checking documents for correctness - searching for missing documents
  • Requesting certain documents via e-mail - repetitive administrative work
  • Sorting documents from trailers arriving daily (60 to 100 per day)
  • Each destination the goods have to go to has its own specific requirements, for which you have to look for the right documents that belong to that particular goods/destination
  • After unloading the trailer in the warehouse, check whether the goods for which documents have been received have actually arrived (computerised item check)
  • Close goods so that they can be sent back outbound afterwards
  • Missing documents must be logged with the customer's customer service so they can provide us with them - correct handling of customs procedures
  • Filing and archiving the finished trailers
  • You are flexible when it comes to other services (front desk, retention, airfreight, etc.)

Company information

Katoen Natie Gent is a logistics company specialized in storage, transport, and handling of goods. The company is located in the city of Ghent in Belgium, and the company has branches all over the world. Katoen Natie was founded in 1854 and has since grown into an international player in the field of logistics and supply chain management. The company offers a wide range of services, including warehouse management, transport and distribution, packaging, quality control, and customs clearance.Katoen Natie Gent is an important employer in the Ghent region and has a strong connection with the local community. The company has taken several initiatives in the past to support the local economy and has invested in sustainable logistics and innovation.

What are we looking for?

For this position of Logistics administrative assistant, we are looking for an independent person, who can work in a very structured way and in a small team: You are a master in administrative work: sending e-mails, checking documents, filing and archiving

  • You preferably have a bachelor's degree (business, languages, administration, office management, communication, logistics...)
  • A first (logistics) work experience is a plus
  • You speak Dutch and English fluently
  • You can work in 2 shifts

What do we offer?

We offer you a challenging job as a Logistics Administrative Assistant on a permanent night. You will be given a lot of responsibility.

  • You can count on a correct starting salary
  • Meal vouchers 5.5 €/per worked day
  • Once a year, you will receive pro rata eco cheques worth € 250/year

After a positive evaluation, a permanent contract will be waiting for you after the temporary period under temporary contract on a weekly basis!

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