Student at Katoen Natie Ghent

  • location:9000 DESTELDONK
  • job category:Logistics
  • Contracttype:temporary job
  • labor regime:Part time
  • working experience:No Experience
  • updated:
    13/01/2023 13:40

Job description?

For a big logistic company, in Ghent Seaport, we are looking for motivated students who can work at least 2 days per week.

Are you interested in a job in logistics? Can you work at least 2 days per week? Manual work doesn't frighten you?

Then we are looking for you! We are looking for people in following shifts: 6-14h, 14-22h or 8-16h30.

What are we looking for?

Job Description:

  • Wrapping/packing of goods/pallets
  • Working with manual transpallet
  • Housekeeping warehouse
  • Administrative tasks

What do we offer?

What can we offer you?

  • A nice wage of €13,24 + €6.50 meal vouchers per day worked!
  • Flexibility, you can tell us when you can work and in which shift
  • We can arrange transport from Ghent Dampoort
  • A first or further introduction into logistics. If you want a future career in logistics, with this experience you have a head start.

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